A Gift for You!

Zalnic the Underlord
(To the tune of Frosty the Snowman)

Zalnic, the underlord, was an evil greedy soul,
with his eyes of flame,
and a throne of bones,
and a heart as black as coal.

Jack is a Shifter, who can enter other worlds.
He plays in a band,
has his future planned,
and his sights set on a girl.

There must have been a portal in that ancient burial mound,
Zalnic’s lackey broke into our world and pulled poor Emma down.

Back at the high school, Natalie tells what took her friend.
When Jack overhears,
he believes her fears,
and decides to make amends.

Down to the underworld, wearing brimstone round their necks,
dodging ghastly things,
even some with wings,
to reach the goal of their quest.

To save a soul, Jack has to go to Zalnic with a deal,
As he tries to make the best bargain,
his own fate he will seal.

Now Zalnic, the underlord, must release the stolen souls.
But he says to Jack,
“I know you’ll be back,”
to see what your future holds.


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