Ask the Author Wednesdays Begins

Welcome to the inaugural “Ask the Author Wednesdays” post! I thought it only fitting that I answer the question I am asked the most: How long did it take to write Thunderstone? The short answer is about 9 – 10 months, beginning to end. After that first draft, the story went through a ton of revisions as I tried to catch a literary agent’s eye. I changed the beginning at least a half dozen times because, let’s face it, if the beginning isn’t good, most readers will put the book down. Finally I realized the story truly became interesting when Jeni and Ice meet, so I pulled that scene forward. Even after signing with Scribe, Thunderstone went through one last revision where I combined the events of three days into two days to keep up the pace.
The first time I was asked this question, I was taken by surprise. It never occurred to me that people would want to know how long it took to write the story. The next few times it came up, I floundered around not sure exactly what information people actually wanted. Over time, I’ve come to understand most of the masses want my short answer above. But in my writer’s mind, Thunderstone wasn’t finished until it went to press.

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