Deleted Scene 10: Knock Out

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Ned skidded into the pile of brush and paused long enough to press the lever on the detonator. A quick glance over his shoulder showed his pursuer stop for an instant, awed first by the flash of light and then by the deafening boom followed by an earthy rumble. Ned chortled wickedly, reveling that his homemade bomb had been successful after all. Any chemical geek worth his salt could make a bomb from fertilizer.

As he continued his flight through the forest, he hoped the girl was still inside the cave when the passage exploded. The old man must surely be dead. And the monster had taken the Indian boy. As soon as he dispatched with the boy chasing him, he’d blow the cellar and then get the heck outta Dodge.

The older boy had taken him by surprise at first. He’d planned to drag the old man’s body inside and then blow the mouth of the cave. He never saw the boy leave, but luckily, a bit of crumbling earth sliding down the embankment warned him of the boy’s presence. Ned dodged being tackled and then took off into the woods.

The boy gave chase but had no chance of catching up in the dark. He might have youth on his side, but Ned could see far better, allowing him to run faster. He arrived in the clearing and dashed behind the overgrown chimney, not really trying to hide, simply melding with the blackness.

He didn’t have to kill the boy, just disable him enough to roll him into cellar. Then he’d blow the cellar and get back on the hunt for Honey.

He saw the boy’s silhouette approaching cautiously. He grinned and shifted position so he could get a clean hit. If he was anyone else, he’d be exposed. He drew back his fist. Just as he was about to strike, lightning lit the forest, illuminating the kid’s surprised face.

Although Ned’s fist was already in motion when the scene lit up, the boy had quick reflexes and dodged the blow, swinging his own arm back. As Ned followed his fist forward, the kid swung his flashlight, smashing it down on Ned’s back.

As the force of the impact drove him face down, Ned grunted in surprise. Then the boy was on top of him and Ned twisted and flailed trying to escape. He was strong, but the kid was bigger. None of Ned’s enhancements could give him an edge once he was pinned down.

Actually, thanks to his night vision, Ned clearly saw the boy’s fist hurtling toward his face and since there was no escaping it, he wished he couldn’t see it.

Then his head exploded in pain and his vision blacked out.