Do you have a favorite book? Ask the Author Wednesday

Such a tough question! Inevitably the first novels that come to mind are those I’ve read in the past year or so that I really liked. But I don’t think I can pick something so recent – I may still be in the ‘infatuated’ phase. No, a favorite book must stand the test of time. So I mulled over books that I look back on and feel the mark they’ve left on me; books that I still push others to read. By doing this, I was able to narrow the field of great novels I’ve read down to only a few. If I must choose only one, it’s going to be The Witching Hour by Anne Rice. When I think about that story, I still feel the sultry humid New Orleans air, smell the bogainvillea, and sense the paranormal possibilities that linger in the shadows.

I believe The Witching Hour opened the door to the Urban Fantasy genre that I so love today. Why can’t the supernatural exist in our world? I like to think think there’s more out there than what we see.

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