The results are in! Time to vote!

Thanks to everyone who submitted a title suggestion! We couldn’t narrow it down to just four, so we have six winners from round one. The titles up for voting are:

The Descent
Come Hell or High School
Into the Dark Realm
Shifting Worlds
Descent to the Dark Realm

Enter your favorite title in the comment section of this post or use the form on the Scribe Publishing website. I can’t wait to have a title for my new book!

Congratulations winners! Look for an email from me soon about receiving your free copy of the book.

Thanks again to all participants!

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11 thoughts on “The results are in! Time to vote!

  1. Ed Schulte

    Come Hell or High School

    Great options, congrats Barb!

  2. Betty G

    Come Hell or High Schoool

  3. Michele

    The Descent

  4. Karyl Mangus

    Shifting Worlds

  5. The Descent.

  6. Pamk

    I like Soulshifter. succinct and too the point.

  7. Sherry Hoernig


  8. judy

    Descent into the Dark Realm

  9. Misha Estrada

    I think Soulshifter sounds good.

  10. LeslieThompson

    I also like Soulshifter. Sounds interesting!

  11. Soulshifter makes you think, grabs your attention and entices you to read on. ( The Descent is my second choice. )

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