Veiled Existence – Final Title for Legacy in Legend II

Yep, it’s official, Book Two of the Legacy in Legend Series is titled Veiled Existence, so I can stop calling it the Thunderstone Sequel!

It’s funny how some titles come easy and some are really tough. For at least a year – no kidding – I brainstormed a title for this book. I would list ideas on the notepad of my phone, run them by a few people, and ultimately, reject them. It is a looong list.

I like a title that hints at what kind of story lies inside the book. One of the coolest things I discovered while researching Irish and Celtic mythology, was the notion that Druid magick was worked between worlds; whereby the priest or priestess existed in neither world. It was this mystical concept that I wanted my title to suggest to prospective readers.

One day, while hashing out the title problem with my daughter, she hit on the right combination of words: Veiled Existence. Obviously, my publisher approved because the name stuck throughout the editing process and now lives on the novel’s cover.

I certainly hope Legacy in Legend Book Three will be easier to title! 

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