What’s it like to do an author signing event? Ask the Author Wednesday

Appropriate question for today since I’m doing a signing event later… It’s great to meet avid readers and I always enjoy talking about books, so I love that aspect of a meet-and-greet. As I sign books it gives me a chance to talk to people one on one – that’s the easy part. What’s hard for me is speaking in front of a crowd – speech was my most despised class in high school and college. I’ve done a couple joint events with other authors which I enjoy more since I don’t have to be the center of attention. But the bottom line is, I want people to know about my book, and I want to meet my readers, so I’m gonna keep getting out there. I remember how scary it was when I first started sending out query letters, but I got over that. I’m sure I’ll eventually conquer the meet-and-greet jitters too!

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